The Theatre Association of South Australia is the proud publishers of the monthly magazine, Encore. The magazine was established in 1986 without a name for the first few editions, after the third edition a name was given to the monthly magazine/ newsletter as Encore. Until 2014 members received a physical copy of each edition. As times have changed and the accessibility to technological devices have become more readily available, Encore sent to members via e-mail. The editions include:

  • promotion of current and upcoming productions
  • reviews of productions
  • feature articles
  • audition notices
  • a listing of upcoming productions
  • workshop and conference information
  • expressions of interest for directors and technical crew
  • other South Australian theatre-related information

You can subscribe to Encore by taking out an individual membership of TASA.  Encore will be emailed to you each month.  Members can also promote their group activities and production in Encore magazine.

Current Editions


Encore has never looked so good.

Ian Rigney

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL CONCERNED THIS "ENCORE" IS THE SUPREME BEST EVER. BRAV-FUCKING-O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A joy, always, to receive this mag.

Peter Goers

ABC Adelaide Radio Presenter

Radical, Practical and Visual Changes to ENCORE

Russell Starke OAM

Encore Editors

Paul Brand

2017 -

Jack Curtiss

2010 - 2013

John Fitzpatrick

1989 - 2002

Allison Thomas

2014 - 2017

Paul Rodda

2008 - 2010

Phillip Halsall

1986 - 1989

Dave Simms

2013 - 2014

Rod Lewis

2002 - 2008