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Dark Wind Blowing – Deadset Theatre Company

Amazing adaptation of Jackie French's novel for theatre.

Mary Poppins – Adelaide Theatre Academy

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - AMAZING

Annie – Now Productions

NOW Production’s Annie is great family fun for both performers and audience alike.

Triple Bypass Hardly Working Promotions South Dakota USA

Three short plays penned by American playwright Deena MP Ronayne. Available online until March21. Information on TASA website. Well worth the very modest fee.

The Addams Family – Green Wall Studio

Green Wall Studio has hit the ground running with this their very first production of The Addams Family.

February 2021

January, it brought a New Year with new hope and many splendid productions! I was fortunate enough to drop by and see Addams Family (Hills Youth Group) and Skylight (Verendus Theatrical) productions, both presented at high standards and provided a very enjoyable evening (well in a strange way). What these...

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