October 1986

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From the Editor

Since the advent of a new column in The Advertiser written by Peter Goers, a number of complaints have been received from groups and individuals about the possible effects his column will ahve on amateur theatre. We have been monitoring the situation and would welcome your thoughts on the subject.

Inside this issue you will find an insert from Total Group Services. They have advised us that group bookings for State Theatre Company productions are $11, which is $1 less than normal group concession price.

The QUIZ NIGHT is looming up on the 18th of this month, and your support would be appreciated. With the funds raised we will be able to expand the production of this magazine and increase the circulation. As you may be aware the only funds we have are from your subscriptions. The society is grateful to the S.A. LIGHT OPERA SOCIETY for the donation of tickets for it’s last production.

Incidentally, we have been donated some terrific prizes for this QUIZ NIGHT and it would be a pity if we couldn’t let them all be won!

For those groups who wish to have their ‘flyers’ included as an insert loosely in ENCORE, please check with us first because we are governed by weight and bulk and we wouldn’t be able to afford the nearly double postage. (or disappoint you by not including them)

There is another new page which will be included from now on. As I mentioned last month we have our own critic would has adopted the pseudonym CAL. I hope you enjoy it.


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