April 2020

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From the Editor

What a weird March we’ve just had… it was all going so well, theatre was thriving, Adelaide Fringe was coming to an end and the hype from the Awards night was still going on. But then… COVID-19 came along and so many unanswered questions arose and well theatres are now just buildings crying for a show and an audience to fill their seats.

Towards the end of March I participated in a virtual choir, performing Sunday from Sunday in the Park with George. This month I will be hosting virtual choir and looking for singers and musicians to help out. Please drop me a line if you are interested and I’ll send through the details: encore-editor@tasaonline.org.au

This month we had our first fully online committee meeting, and what a great meeting it was, seeing everyone and making sure we (TASA) continue to help support and develop the future for Theatre in South Australia. Our AGM on the 29th of March was postponed, and will now take place in May. Make sure you follow our event page for more information.

Please note we are changing our Post Box, please update your records to: PO Box 3368, Norwood, SA, 5067

On the cover this month we have germs.

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TASA’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Paul Brand
Paul Brand
With a strong IT background, Paul is an avid lover of the arts. His first taste of the arts included Wakakirri from a young age, to playing Trumpet for over 15+ years. Paul has been a cast member, director, reviewer and also in the pit, but you’ll most likely catch him seeing a production somewhere.

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