February 1987

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From the Editor

Happy New Year! This edition of Encore is a combined January / February effort. It appears that most groups have a break during the Christmas – New Year period and so there is very little activity to report. Consequently, rather than producing a substandard issue for January, a combine edition was the obvious solution.

If you thought that you had missed out on our A.G.M. take heart because it will be held on the 24th of Feb. at Marion. It is perhaps unfortunate, that to some of you, the venue is on the other side of town, but we had to opt for something relatively cheap and available. If anybody has any topic for discussion and is unable to attend just drop us a line. A full report will be included in next month’s edition.

Don’t forget the TEA TREE PLAYERS festival of one act plays next month. The as yet unconfirmed story is that there will be 9 groups and 3 youth groups competing, but as yet we have no further details.

The South Australian Writers’ Theatre were going to send out a catalogue of all their plays to the groups on our mailing list. Has anybody received on as yet?

With the purchase of some new computer equipment, the next and subsequent issues of ENCORE will have a new layout anf format. (If everything goes smoothly!) I am also hoping that it will reduce production time.

Please let us know you anticipated production for this year so that we can chase you up for publicity material when the time draws near.

Well, that’s all from me, see you at the A.G.M.


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