December 1986

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From the Editor

This time of the year is obviously one which is “quiet” as far as Amateur Theatre goes and no doubt the start of 1987 will be saturated with first class shows. Early next year members will receive the A.T.S catalogue and the S.A. WRITERS THEATRE will also be sending groups a copy of their catalogue which features locally written material. Something to look forward to!

I apologise for this edition being late but we have had a few technical problems and of course some of the publicity will be a little short noticed.

As you are now no doubt aware Max Sutch has been very busy with pen and ink to produce our Christmas cover and our centrespread. Max, as always, has put in a tremendous amount of work in producing the cartoons and other graphic illustrations for this magazine and I think we are very lucky to have him in the Society.

I would like to thank Karen (my wife), Margaret, Stand and Cal for all their precious time and contributions. Thanks also to many of you who have contributed articles and letters of encouragement. Please keep sending them in because we may be forced to have a lean January edition.

On behalf of the A.T.S may I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very exciting 1987.


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