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From the Editor

July may be a bit quiet, but what a hoot we had at the Quiz Night. Congratulations to all prize winners and Tea Tree Players being the 2018 TASA Quiz Night champions.
It is always great discussing ideas and receiving feedback from members throughout the month about what is happening in SA and how TASA can always improve or supported various groups.

This last month gone reminded me of what the Live Community Theatre scene holds in Adelaide, which is quite special. After seeing a show I should have walked out on, I know with what our members offer it is always of quality and they know their boundaries – this group… well.

On the other hand to make up for this dismal turn of events I went to see Ramin Karimloo, and WOW! What a voice! Highlighting a few songs from various productions he has been part of.

Why does every production need a stage to be set, and choreograph to be learnt? Why not just once take it back to the raw essence and bring that to life before adding the extras?!

On our front cover this month we have the Tea Tree Players hall and We Will Rock You performer.

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Paul Brand
Paul Brand
With a strong IT background, Paul is an avid lover of the arts. His first taste of the arts included Wakakirri from a young age, to playing Trumpet for over 15+ years. Paul has been a cast member, director, reviewer and also in the pit, but you’ll most likely catch him seeing a production somewhere.

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