About TASA


The Theatre Association of South Australia Inc (TASA) was established in 1985 by Phillip Halsall under the name of the Amateur Theatre Society Inc.

In 1998 the Society changed both its charter and its name to TASA to remove the stigma associated with the word “amateur”, particularly in this day and age of increased quality from most non-professional theatre companies.


TASA is a voluntary, non-profit organisation that consists of both theatre companies and individual members.

Its aim is to promote and support non-professional theatre related activities in South Australia through:
•    the monthly publication of Encore
•    the production of a widely-distributed Live Theatre Guide brochure, three times per year
•    occasional workshops
•    the active participation of members in the Association
•    group insurance scheme

TASA’s constitution can be viewed at:

Live Theatre Guide

The Theatre Association of South Australia publishes 3 editions of the Live Theatre Guide each year. To promote your next production in the Live Theatre Guide, be sure you are an active TASA Member; more information is available in your members portal.

Download the latest Live Theatre Guide today:

Life Members

Ian Rigney
Jill Bartlett
Awarded 24/02/1999
Rosie Aust