April 1986

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From the Editor

At last we have a name. “Encore” was suggested by Lesley Reed from the Blackwood Players and was found to be most appropriate in the light of the meaning of the word. “Encore” means it will be a continuing reiteration, and reminder, of information for each group about others and their activities. The committee thought this summed up the general feelings of the Society’s members and thank you to all others who suggested a name.

In this edition: Insurance for your group. After a lot of researching we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the policy we can obtain. If you feel we have missed something or have any queries – LET US KNOW. Feedback is most important.

Membership cards are included for members and remember they are transferable within your group. Hopefully by next month we will have more places for you to see them. If you need more – LET US KNOW.

Remember, if you wish to use these pages for advertising your shows (or anything else) there is no charge to members. Posters/ flyers can be reproduced and reduced or we can include a small poster for distribution to other groups for them to display.


Grease Spot

So for your next production why not take a good look at your company’s make-up with a view to improving it.

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