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From the Editor

The Theatre Association of South Australia needs your help. More than just your help – we need your time.

In the 28 years since TASA was established we have had many people come and go
from our committee whose support, whether large or small, has always been integral
to the continuation of the organisation.

The model for TASA has also transformed since the group first began; some things remain such as Encore magazine and the Live Theatre Guide; others have been updated – like the CritiCAL awards; and many things are new – like our online
presence and publishing of the magazine.

All of this, however, would not be possible without the ongoing work of a small committed group of Adelaide theatre lovers. Unfortunately the pool of willing volunteers is starting to dry up.

The pool of willing volunteers is starting to dry up – and the drought could cost us more than just a little water! I have personally seen more than half a dozen Annual General Meetings come and go without a single new volunteer. We are facing a crisis which could see the services of TASA end unless you, and others, are willing to give just a little bit of your time.

Please, show us how much
you value TASA and take this
wonderful organisation into
2014 with all your support

The new generation has brought a lot to our organisation. We have some of the best, untapped opportunities and plans for TASA just waiting to be explored. The financial
support provided by our members and readers gives us a unique opportunity to really give back to the theatre community. But the theatre community has to want it for everything to work.

So just for a moment, if you will, imagine it all gone from next month. Imagine no magazine in your letter box; no reviews of the shows you love to watch; no Live Theatre Guide to help you plan your year’s theatre viewing; no CritiCAL awards at the end of each year. If you can live with that, then the fate of our organisation is sealed. If not – then ante up – and I can’t be any more honest than that.

We are looking for an Editor for Encore magazine, a Secretary and Vice President on our board, as well as at least two other committee members to see us through the new year. The AGM is coming up soon – on the 10th of February. Please, show us how much you value TASA and take this wonderful organisation into 2014 with all your support.


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