TASA’s Annual Awards for Theatre Excellence are Expanding

Since 1989, the Theatre Association of South Australia (TASA) has been recognising and rewarding companies and individuals for outstanding contributions to our theatrical landscape.

What began as three general awards recognising spirit, commitment and quality, has evolved to celebrate an increasing range of company and individual achievements.

As part of TASA’s ongoing commitment to encouraging excellence we are expanding our 2019 CAL Awards to include three new accolades: Youth TheatriCAL, Best Male & Best Female Performer in a Musical.

(1) Youth TheatriCAL

TASA is very excited to respond to the significant growth in youth theatre companies and productions. TASA strongly supports the development of youth performers who represent the future of theatre in South Australia. This award will recognise an outstanding youth production (drama or musical). The production must be reviewed by TASA and the company must be an active member to be eligible.

(2) Best Male Performer – Musical & (3) Best Female Performer – Musical

TASA believes that the annual volume of productions and the quality of performances demands that we expand our awards to include respective categories for performances in musicals and dramas.  Comparing performances in musicals and dramas has always been problematic and TASA believes the addition of these two awards better represents our talented theatre community.

The list of awards for all productions in 2019 (from the 1st of January to the 31st of December) now includes the following categories:

  • DramatiCAL
  • MusiCAL
  • TechniCAL
  • ComiCAL
  • Youth TheatriCAL
  • Best Male Performer
  • Best Female Performer
  • Best Male Performer – Musical
  • Best Female Performer – Musical
  • Best Youth Male
  • Best Youth Female

For more information about the reviewing guidelines or award eligibility (including Bravo) click on the links below:

                Reviewing Guidelines

                TheatriCAL Awards Guidelines

                Bravo Guidelines

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