CAL Award Guidelines



1.1      The following rules and procedures have been devised by the TASA Committee of Management (“the Committee”) to govern the TASA ‘Cal’ Theatre Awards (“the Cal Awards”), which are awarded annually for the purpose of recognising excellence and celebrating amateur theatre in South Australia.

1.2      The Cal Awards replace the CritiCal Award that was presented annually by former TASA life member John Fitzpatrick (now deceased) for the most deserving production of the year.  The CritiCal Award was recognised within the TASA community as being a prestigious award.  The naming of the Cal Awards provides a reminder of and a connection to John Fitzpatrick.

1.3      In creating these rules and procedures, the Committee aims to achieve fairness for all participants and credibility for the Cal Awards process, and to be responsive to the needs of the TASA theatre community.

1.4      These rules are subject to change at any time by the Committee and shall be reviewed on an annual basis.

1.5      The Committee may delegate the responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Cal Awards process to an individual member of the Committee or to some other person who is a member of TASA and who will be deemed to be an ex officio member of the Committee for such time as they manage the Cal Awards.  This person will be known as the Cal Awards Chair.


2.1.     A live stage play or musical (“the Production”) is eligible for consideration for a Cal Award if:

2.1.1   It is presented by a financial TASA member theatre company (“the Company”) [For a definition of ‘member company’ see Schedule 1]; and

2.1.2   The Company must legally acquire the rights to present the production and fulfil all other legal and contractual obligations involved in the production of plays and musicals; and

2.1.3   The Company provides the requisite number of complimentary tickets to accommodate attendance by the required number of Reviewers; and

2.1.4   It is presented for a period of at least two performances, not including previews, in one location.

2.2      In acknowledging the limited resources available to TASA and the travel limitations of volunteer TASA Awards Reviewers, TASA does not guarantee that all eligible productions will be reviewed. All efforts will be made to provide a suitable reviewer for every eligible production.


3.1      The Cal Awards shall be given on an annual basis, covering the period (“Awards Year”) commencing 1 January and concluding 31 December the same year.  Any eligible production whose opening date (previews excluded) falls within the Awards Year shall be considered in that year’s cycle.