Perfect Wedding – Adelaide Repertory Theatre

Perfect Wedding – Adelaide Repertory Theatre

There is only one way to play  farce and that is,do it at breakneck speed. Precisely how experienced director Sue Wylie has directed Robin Hawdon’s  Perfect Wedding for the Rep’s current production. It is a real coup for Sue and her firecely hard -working cast, who presented this nutty, wonderful comedy-cum-love story with barely time for a breath.

The  entire plot, far too crazy and funny to reveal all here, concerns Bill  (Heath Trebilcock)  nursing a massive hangover and who is to be married later in the day,waking up to discover a beautiful, naked girl Judy  in his own bridal suite. He cannot remember meeting her last night, his bride is about to arrive, but he somehow  manages to lock her in the bathroom. So the ensuing chaos is unleashed full pelt.

Suzannah Kirton’s split set  works remarkably well to cope with the wild actions of the characters madly going backwards and forwards through  the many doors  of a honeymoon suite in a country house hotel somewhere near London.

Under the assured hand of the director, the entire cast are undeviating  in their roles to provide a lightning pace and ensemble presentation in this very funny piece.

Heath Trebilcock is unwittingly naive as the hapless  bridegroom, whilst Tom (Leighton Vogt) becomes ever more non-plussed as his part in the subsequent  madness deepens.

Charlotte Batty plays the bride Rachel  indignantly at the  shambles  surrounding her, and Ellen Ferguson  is amiable and charming as the “ naked girl in the bed” (Judy).

Zanny Edhouse  gave a  marvellous, witty and comic performance as the much put- upon chamber maid Julie,  who is mistaken for everyone’s girl friend. Megan Dansie, more usually recognised as a director, played the  bride’s mother Daphne.

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