The 60 Four – Promise Adelaide

The 60 Four – Promise Adelaide

The 60 Four re-present the sixties with polished presentation, professionalism and pizzazz.


The Norwood Concert Hall was rocking yesterday afternoon and the audience was having a great time reliving the musical soundtrack of their lives.


The 60 Four is comprised of four extremely talented young men – Ben Francis, Kyle Hall, Lachlan Williams and Finn Green – who deliver first class solos, duets and quartets with great timing and harmony.  Everything about this show is excellent – the voices, their personal presentation and boundless energy, tailored choreography for each number, the backing band, the lighting…


With a play list including the songs of the Beach Boys, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Dion, Tom Jones, Elvis, Chubby Checker, Stevie Wonder, and of course The Four Seasons, and the audience providing backing vocals to just about everything, this was not just a performance it was a party! 


The 60 Four’s nine piece band was note perfect, complementing and supporting the vocals and able to raise the roof at times.


Every song is a highlight.  The Sound of Silence sung by Kyle and Lachlan was superb.  The most recent member Finn Green’s Return to Sender showed how he has transitioned seamlessly into the group. Ben Francis’ soaring falsettos shine through the songs of Beach Boys and the Four Seasons.  Australian content is present with Johnny O’Keefe’s She’s My Baby and Shout, both delivered with high energy and great choreography.  This show is worth seeing for the dance moves alone.


This review may sink under superlatives but it was an absolute delight!

The 60 Four – Adelaide Fringe 2020 (Norwood Concert Hall)
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