ZIGZAG STREET – Stirling Players

ZIGZAG STREET – Stirling Players

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper


September 2015

It’s refreshing when groups bring to the stage new material. First time director Miriam Keane has done just that with her debut. Adapted by Philip Dean from the novel by Nick Earls, this production follows the life and loves of Richard Derrington played by Lee Cook. His existence has become one of sweet chaos as he fumbles with life after the departure of his long-term love. Alone and despondent, he struggles with his day to day existence. Cook takes on a mammoth role; he is on stage for all of the play and has most of the lines. He takes on this task with professionalism and energy. With many monologues to deliver he could have fallen into the trap of monotonous dribble, but instead he delivers a well-rounded character that shows vulnerability and humour. Supporting characters for the most part worked well even though some were a tad predictable.  
Keane has done a fine job in her first outing as director; some excellent use of space in creating many locations could have been messy, but instead clever use of props and set pieces made the transitions smooth. Wonderful projection design by Kate van der Horst was innovative. The quirky 90s soundtrack was memorable.
At times the story lacked pace, but this had a lot to do with the episodic way it was written. More thought in the way actors exited the stage would have served better to help with the flow. Conversations ended abruptly and left gaps between scenes, but if you like a contemporary romantic comedy this show is for you.
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