YOU”RE A GOOD MAN CHARLE BROWN – Hills Musical Company

YOU”RE A GOOD MAN CHARLE BROWN – Hills Musical Company

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

April 2010

The Peanut gang came to the public’s attention in the 1950s. The innocence of youth and the humour derived from everyday occurrences is highlighted is this adorable tale about family, friendship and ultimately acceptance. Director Hayley Horton is gaining quite a reputation for her flair as she once again demonstrates her vision in this musical based on the popular Charles Shulz comic strip.

The set designed by Jamie Richards had an almost cartoonish feel, with cube blocks doubling as set pieces cleverly moved around by the cast. Blocks of colour for scenes came from costumes and large props such as the doghouse, piano and school bus. The comic book art used on the set was striking. Visually this show was anything but dull.

With no obvious plot to speak of, the show is a series of hilarious and at times touching anecdotes; each cast member demonstrating their insecurities through song. Horton has assembled a stellar cast, each demonstrating enormous talent. Charlie Brown, brought anxiously to life by Gareth Wilkes delivers a tender performance as does his sister Sally Brown played by Millicent Sarre.  Lucy and Linus Van Pelt played by Amy Nagesh and Buddy Dawson respectively, were strong. Their banter about Lucy wanting to be Queen and Linus explaining the reasons she could not was brilliant. Beethoven mad, Schroeder played by Omkar Nagesh and Charlie’s dog Snoopy played by Fahad Farooque were enjoyable in their portrayals.

With just as much talent backstage, this production is a must see for old and young alike.

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Fran Edwards
Fran Edwards
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