YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN – Marie Clark Muiscal Theatre

YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN – Marie Clark Muiscal Theatre

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

October 2014

For those familiar with the 1974 Mel Brook’s movie Young Frankenstein, you will be delighted with Marie Clark’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s gothic tale. First performed as a musical in 2007, this absurd tale transforms well to the stage. 

Director Brian Godfrey has done a marvellous job in assembling a stellar cast. Dare I say it; this show is ALIVE with talent, energy, revolving set pieces and a score that musical director Ben Stefanoff does justice too. Rachel Dow’s choreography is simple but utilises the talent of the cast well.

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein is played brilliantly by Chris Daniels, his energy and voice never waiver. Katharine Chase‘s Elizabeth Benning is annoyingly hilarious, as is Anton Schrama as Igor. Both were audience favourites and rightly so with both using wonderful physicality throughout the production. 

There were many highlights in this tightly directed musical. Sexual innuendo is aplenty, never more so than in Kristin Stefanoff’s version of Roll in the Hay, complete with yodelling this hay ride is sure to be etched in your memory.  Penni Hamilton-Smith’s rendition of He Vas My Boyfriend was side splitting, but nothing could top the show stopping ensemble number Puttin’ on the Ritz. Nothing quite beats seeing a 7 foot monster in tails and a top hat! Funny from beginning to show stopping end, this show belongs not only to the talented cast, but to the crew who helped this opening night performance run smoothly.

Take a bow Marie Clark Musical Theatre, you are on a winner!

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