XANADU -Davine Interventionz

XANADU -Davine Interventionz

Reviewed by Richard Lane

March 2014

Following her successful performance in Grease, Olivia-Newton John  starred in the movie version in 1980 of  the cult movie Xanadu. The book was by Douglas Beane and music and lyrics by Jeff Lynne and John Farrar providing the basis for the stage musical.

The plot  involves a Greek muse Clio, played by Kate Dempsey, who descends from Mount Olympus  in 1980 to assist a chalk artist Sonny Malone (Lindsay Prodea)  who wants to achieve his cherished  artistic dream to start up a roller disco. Clio risks eternal damnation in the underworld  if she falls in love with a mere mortal,  which of course she does.

This production by producer/ director David Gauci was a stunning success for  Gauci’s company Davine Interventionz. The show relies heavily on the performances of the two leads Kate and Lindsay but most importantly, upon the energy and total support of the cast. And Mr Gauci’s cast delivers in spades. Choreographed beautifully by Shenayde Wilkinson-Sarti, the ensemble work was vigorous, energetic and meticulous.

As Clio/Kira, Kate’s  amazing  resemblance to Olivia –Newton John was at first a  little off-putting  but she sang  danced  and roller skated with consummate skill and  aplomb.  So also did Lindsay as the hapless chalk artist whose powerful voice was a feature.

Megan Humphries and Jenny Scarce Tolley as the two evil sisters were a comic riot with Brendan Cooney   as Danny Maguire demonstrating his experience . The  tap number in Danny’s office with the two boys was brilliantly executed.

Clio’s  back- up singers  and her Ensemble muses  were not  merely an  adornment to this wonderful   show. Their tremendous energy and skill in all the numbers, was a highlight. Opening night was a sell-out and there is evidence that this Adelaide Fringe production   will continue to draw the crowds.

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