Reviewed by Ceri Horner

May 2013

White Horse Inn is a 1930’s operetta set in the touristic Salzkammergut region of Austria. The operetta was adapted from a play and is a little drawn out with too many unnecessary characters and storylines. However this production directed by Robert Kimber, has good pace and manages to be colourful, fun and delivered by a very enthusiastic cast.

David Roberts struggles playing a mature Leopold, the lovelorn head waiter who is mooning after his employer. Leopold sings the most memorable song from this operetta, ‘Good-bye’ and Roberts fails to deliver the goods. Maria Geraghty sings beautifully and is much more successful as Josepha, the proprietor of the Inn and the object of Leopold’s affection, although she is also a little too mature for the role.

Les Nutter is an absolute stand out as Grinkle, an underwear entrepreneur from the UK.  Nutter is perfectly cast and adds laughter to every scene he is in. Dione Baker as Ottoline sings beautifully and is well matched by James Murphy as Sutton.  

The Mirabelles and Flower Girls bring big warm smiles and sweet voices to add to the chorus numbers and the addition of four young dancers and a cow add some energy and amusement. The large cast also features Matthew Holding, Heather Hutton, Greg Paterson, Elly Vink and Charlie Burke. The simple scene changes are well executed by the cast and keep the action flowing throughout.  The costumes are bright and colourful and work well with Kimber’s set, giving this production a light and fun feel of being immersed in a stereotypical Austrian Alpine village.

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