WEE FREE MEN – Unseen Theatre

WEE FREE MEN – Unseen Theatre

Reviewed by Fran Edwards

April 2016

Pratchett is fun! Sir Terry Pratchett’s story about Tiffany Aching and her encounter with the Nac Mac Feegles, small rough little men with Glaswegian accents (who are only 6 inches tall). Tiffany is an emerging witch who doesn’t know she is a witch, but suspects it might be so. Miss Tick suggests she may need help and gives a toad familiar before disappearing to summon reinforcements.

This adaptation by Pamela Munt contains many familiar characters and the usual Pratchett humour. Toad, played by Hugh O’Connor gets a lot of the good lines and delivers them well, he and Josephine Girgorio as Tiffany work well together. Footnote is played by Olivia Cameron with all the preciseness necessary and Alyeia Rabig is a nicely reserved Miss Tick. Aimee Ford is an obnoxious younger brother, Wentworth, while Elaine Fardell is Tiffany’s Mum, the Kelda and the Fairie Queen, she likes keeping busy obviously, but she defined each character.

The Wee Free Men, complete with blue faces were played with great relish by Harold Roberts (Rob Anybody), David Dyte (William), Dalestair Kidd (Daft Willie), Molly Dyte (Fion) and Natalie Haigh (No’-as-Big-as Medium-Sized-Jock-But-Bigger-Than-Wee Jock-Jock). They lost none of the humour and kept the pace going nicely. Cameo appearances were made by Pamela Munt and Michelle Whichello as Granny Weatherwaz and Nanny Ogg at the end when they turn up to instruct Tiffany.

No one suggests that this is “serious theatre” but my goodness it is lots of fun and makes for a good night out, especially if you enjoy the Disc World stories and the slightly warped world that sir Terry Pratchett creates. Unseen Theatre  keep the stories alive and worth seeing.




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Fran Edwards
Fran Edwards
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