We Will Rock You – Zest Theatre

We Will Rock You – Zest Theatre

Directed by Peta Bowey and Terry Mountstephen, We Will Rock You is a jukebox musical featuring the songs of Queen, linked together in a contrived story by Ben Elton. It takes place 300 years into the future of earth, now named the iPlanet, controlled by Globalsoft leader Killer Queen, where everyone dresses, thinks and acts the same, rock is unheard of and all musical instruments have been banned. Enter hero Galileo Figaro who just wants to break free and, after dreaming of a world with rock music, sprouts the lyrics of past songs amusingly without knowing their meaning or origin.

This is an ambitious musical for Zest, who never shy from such challenges and always strive to bring modern popular productions to their loyal audiences. As Galileo, Harrison Golledge delivers a reasonably solid vocal performance of the difficult score with his soft soulful tones most impressive. He also shows some fine acting skills. Newcomer Matilda Boysen steals the show as his love interest with her powerful voice and delightfully natural acting – a real rock chic. Other fine performances include Adele Rozaklis as Killer Queen and David Christie as Brit, who had the audience in stitches with his goofy mispronunciations of ancient artifacts such as a Hailey Darvidson!

The leads are well supported by the ensemble, a fine group of mixed ages who handle the large amount of stylish choreography, by Sally Grooby, with aplomb. I would just like to see a few more performance faces! It is also clear the vocal team, of Susie Lush, Casey Brown, and Patrick Maher have worked their cast well.

The set, when there is one, is adequate but inconsistent. There are many scenes with the curtain background that could easily have been lifted with a bit more thought. Opening night saw fans of Queen and musical theatre clearly appreciating some of the best local talent in this rock and roll favourite. No doubt this trend will continue.

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