Waltzes from Vienna – SA Light Opera Society

Waltzes from Vienna – SA Light Opera Society

As always, the doyenne of SALOS, Pam Tucker, has  produced a show  bursting with   “wine women and song.”  Her production evokes the  fun, delight  and  memorable music of  Johann Strauss the Younger and  the Older,  selected and arranged by Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Julius Bittner, in Nineteenth Century Vienna.

Concisely, the plot is based on the  historical  difficulties that Strauss Senior has with his son’s desire to emulate him and become a professional musician. The trouble is Johann Senior thinks little of his son’s ability as a composer. Throughout the show, there are of course several love complications which are resolved by the final curtain.

Under the assured baton of musical director Helen Loveday, the eight piece musical ensemble works well, with just the occasional stumble.

All  cast did well but  it is impossible to name  the work of every performer, though  four are standouts. First, the wonderful, experienced Greg Paterson with his rich bass baritone voice, provided  a memorably comic performance as  the confectioner Ebeseder.

Equally impressive is Danielle Ruggiero-Prior (Countess Olga Baranskaya) whose  performance and lovely mezzo  voice were features in this show and Claire Langsford (Mitzi)  sang and performed her role with tremendous skill and energy. Christian Evans (Strauss the Younger) gathered confidence  as the show progressed.

Others to do  well were Chris Stansfield, Katrin Treloar and Andrew Trestrail

The dancing scene with Pamela  and David Roberts was a charmer, but

above all, is the wondrous music of Father and Son,Strauss.


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