VARIATION ON A THEME -Stirling Players

VARIATION ON A THEME -Stirling Players

Reviewd by Jacqui Wall

February 2016

The Stirling Players have done it again.  Following up on their award winning show of 2015, The Beaux’ Stratagem, their first offering for 2016 is a delightful play which hits hard at the lifestyle of the rich and famous and the not so rich and want to be famous. 
Director David Simms has gathered a talented cast of performers including Allison Scharber as Rose, Nick Duddy as Ron, the ever reliable Julie Quick as Hettie, Jonathan Pheasant as Kurt, Alan Crawford as Sam, Kate van der Horst as Fiona, Rebecca Kemp as Mona, Jakob Maddocks in dual roles of Adrian and Jean Louise and finally Peter and Jane Bleby as the Antoninis.  The play follows the life of a much married and disillusioned socialite who does not seem to have trouble meeting the men who will take care of her, but never quite seems to find true love.  That is until she meets Ron, a much younger version of herself to start.  As the play progresses we see the characters change and attitudes shift from con-artist to nurturer to… well you will just have to go see the ending.  I’m not giving it away.  The stand out performance for me was Alan Crawford.  Although a minor principle, his characterisation and delivery was superb amongst an extremely talented cast.  I went away feeling extreme empathy for him and at times, more than a little intimidated.  The costuming was beautiful and the set designed by David was basic but very clever.  Mention must be made of the sound as whilst a lot of the time you did not realise it was there, it added appropriately to the atmosphere.
Well done to The Stirling Players for yet another entertaining evening and I can’t wait for their next production later in the year.
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Jacqui Wall
Involved in theatre since 1980, with Scout Performing Arts then later branching out to TASA companies. Jacqui has been involved in many aspects of theatre including: cast, directing, production and stage management and most other departments. Jacqui has been fortunate to learn lighting from some of the best including Bill Everett of Apollo Lighting.

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