TWIST – Tea Tree Players

TWIST – Tea Tree Players

Reviewed by Allison Thomas

February 2017

Twisting and turning, the plot of this thriller has more surprises than a sitcom! Director Kyla Booth makes this tale of an ambitious, greedy, deceptive man and wife, with an affair or two thrown in, murder, mystery and confusing liaisons which change all the way to the unexpected ending, very melodramatic. 
Carsten Oostema over-acted the main role of David Woods, however he did make me despise him as a calculating manipulating person. Veronica Howson as his wife, Sarah Seeton, played the actress/star role well. Heather Riley didn’t disappoint as the nosy, kleptomaniac neighbour who was delightfully entertaining, dumb and shrewd.
I really enjoyed Richard Hobson’s portrayal of the brother/lover Robert Woods – well done! Chanelle Le Roux was suitably cast as the hapless victim of circumstance. Finally the calm, cool, collected Nick Manning-Bennett as super sleuth Inspector Root, pulled the plot together, twisted it again, pulled it apart, tied up all the loose ends practically and professionally, and retired triumphant!
The set design was excellent as usual; props and lighting were all appropriate, with only a few strange unconnected noises from backstage at times on Opening Night slightly marring the smooth running of the show.
I was disappointed that this production wasn’t as funny as Up Pompei, also by Miles Tredinnick. However it lived up to its name of Twist with some experienced actors to provide a good evenings entertainment.
Heather Riley, Veronica Howson and Carston Oostema in a scene from Twist
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