Reviewed by Richard Lane

August 2017

This current production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s works, is a genuine crowd- pleaser.
The patently ridiculous plot  of Trial, is set in a court of justice  and the defendant  in the case Edwin (Timothy Markham), is charged  with duplicity in his love affairs.
 But it matters not, because the judge and jury are all mad for the love of the plaintiff Angelina.(Katrin Treloar
The setting as with all SALOS productions is simple but effective and  Director Pam Tucker has  produced  a show bursting with fun, delight and real energy.
Costumes are a mixture of styles, particularly the ladies, but somehow they work  well.
 The  charming  six piece music ensemble  is under the steady  baton of John Wilson.
Musical Director Alex Bond has the entire company singing with great vigour, particularly the jury, with baritone Andrew Trestrail ( Foreman)  a feature.
As the judge Greg Paterson is excellent, Dione Baker (Counsel for the Plaintiff) uses her marvellous voice to good effect . Timothy Markham is a likeable Defendant and the chorus ladies are  a delight.
The second offering, HMS Pinafore,  whilst  produced with as much energy and fun,  was a little less consistent in its production values as the former piece. This included attention to costume detail,  and some, “wobbly “ lines on opening night which tended to slow down occasionally the cracking pace  set  for the most part by the director.
The chorus work in this production, both musically and theatrically was  lively  and strong.
There were some fine solos and we were privileged once again to hear the wonderful, powerful soprano voice of Danielle Ruggiero-Prior as Josephine .Maria Geraghty, selling her wares and (other fancies) to the sailors made  a rumbustious  Little Buttercup. Timothy Markham was a suitable Ralph Rackstraw and Sean Nugent a dastardly Dick Deadeye. David Roberts was an impressive -looking Sir Joseph Porter KCB, and Jemima Lanyon a charming Cousin Hebe.
Once again SALOS has produced a captivating musical show.
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