Tom, Dick and Harry – Tea Tree Players

Tom, Dick and Harry – Tea Tree Players

The Tea Tree Players’ production of Tom, Dick & Harry by Ray and Michael Cooney delighted their audience last night. They played to a full house of appreciative supporters who knew they would be having a good night’s entertainment but Tom, Dick & Harry exceeded their expectations.  There were many comments afterwards about it being the best one this year.

This is a frenetic farce relying on a great deal of physical energy and comic timing and the talented cast rose to the challenge.  Adrian Heness, as Tom Kerkwood, becomes convincingly deranged as his family man persona is undermined by the antics of his brothers.  Kieran Drost and Samuel Creighton (as brothers Dick and Harry) steal the show in many ways. Their every entrance brings a new twist that tangles an increasingly complicated storyline.  The bonding and general banter between the three brothers was excellent.

Selena Carr was wonderful as Tom’s wife Linda.  Anita Glocke and Mark Bone as Katerina and Andreas brought some lively European colour and “music” to the proceedings.  Benjamin Forster as Constable Downs and Chris Galipo as Mrs Potter valiantly tried to establish some law and order in the chaos. Damon Hill’s cameo of Boris provided even more laughs and drew not only his own round of applause but provided a final solution to the whole tangled mess.

The delivery was fast-paced and very funny throughout.  The beginning of Act 2 was a little slow but picked up speed very quickly.

Congratulations to director Barry Hill, his cast and the whole production crew for finishing TTP’s 2018 adult program on such a high note.

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