THREE BAGS FULL – Top of the Torrens Theatre Group Inc.

THREE BAGS FULL – Top of the Torrens Theatre Group Inc.

Reviewed By: Pablo Barton

June 2017

Top of The Torrens Theatre Group Inc. have their audiences in stiches with their production of Three Bags Full. Set in New York in 1904, in the household of the Barlow family, a young employee of Mr Bascom Barlow, Richard Foyle, finds himself in mayhem and confusion as bags are swapped, letters are written and twisted truths unravel in front of his eyes. Whilst all this mayhem occurs Bascom’s wife is certain he is going mad, whilst trying to deal with her daughter’s love life and the running of the household.

Under the clear direction of Meg Stephens, the cast maintained the comedy throughout the production. Each cast member utilized the stage well, whilst conversing or moving behind another scene without being intrusive. The cast consistently projected equally and brought a bright, bubbly energy to this delightful (if sometimes predictable) show, although perhaps the pace as a whole could be stepped up a few notches. All the performers were committed to their roles. Where the mix up of the bags occurred so did some of the lines and names of other characters, but all was put right by the end.

I thoroughly enjoyed the box set design that was practical and well used; creating layers with stairs, and variety of different entrance points for the cast, this kept the audience engaged and on their toes. It would have been great to have the costumes and set all firmly within the same period, as this caused some confusion. Lighting and sound design by Pete Stephens were simple, but effective.

If you are looking for a comical afternoon, with laughter and enjoyment make sure you see Three Bags Full at Gumeracha Town Hall – 10/6/2017 @ 7:30pm or 11/6/2017 @ 2pm.

A Scene from Three Bags Full (Left to Right): Sue Hill, Robert Lucas, Graham Todd and Kate Farrer

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Paul Brand
Paul Brand
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