THEFT – Tea Tree Players

THEFT – Tea Tree Players

Reviewed by Paul Davies

August 2014

Two couples, one well-to-do, one not so much, arrive back at the wealthier’s home after a night out to find the place has been robbed. There appears a man who says he’s a policeman, but turns out to be the thief.

Secrets are uncovered, reputations are shot, and anything can and often does happen.This is a really well crafted play, and is turned into a really good piece of theatre by the team at TTP. One single set, with only one (or two) hidden surprises, and five great parts for good actors to get their teeth into. 

Heather Riley has directed with a gentle touch, in a way that has let the performers use their strengths well. Richard Trengove as Trevor proves a useful foil for a lot of the comedy. He will gain in confidence because he has no reason not to. Njal Venning as John has sardonic down to a fine art, and obviously relishes the role. Tina Cini as Jenny is in possession of a great sense of comic timing, occasionally seems to be channelling Betty from “Some Mother’s do ‘av ‘em.” But has the confidence to take her time with business. And Theresa Dolman gives a powerful performance as Barbara. She’s an excellent drunk!

The whole play is most alive however when Peter Smith as Spriggs is on stage. He has some great lines, and delivers them brilliantly. A cross between Sid James and Harry H. Corbett from Steptoe and Son. One could easily believe him to be copper or thief.

If you know anyone who’d like a lesson in comic timing make sure they see this!

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