The Wreckers of Red Rock SALOS

The Wreckers of Red Rock SALOS

Reviewed by Richard Lane

August 2012

SALOS often produce the works of Fraser Charlton, shows that are largely based on Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. This production  of Charlton's, The Wreckers of Red Rock, is one such, and sad to say it is not done well.

The responsibility for this lies mainly at the feet of experienced director Pam Tucker.

There is a lack of  energy, pace and drive, the acting is stilted  with the singing for the most part, mediocre.

The men's chorus is lacklustre with the exception of Alex Bond as the hero Wiliam Valiant. His strong tenor voice comes across clearly, as does that of Greg Paterson in the role of Hamish Walters.

As the villain of the piece, David Roberts is lost in the role.  He blew many lines of dialogue and this critic was astonished when a member of the female chorus held up in full view, an auto-cue in one of Roberts's songs. As if that were not enough, Roberts produced with a flourish, a length of paper resembling a toilet roll and read his lines, many of which he still fluffed. To "la la la "through a song is not a good look!

Director Tucker should have kept a much firmer rein on Eleanor Boyd as the old mother whose bizarre  overacting was as embarrassing as Roberts's fluffs.

Perhaps some extra reheasals can be squeezed in, to iron out some of these problems, because opening night was cold, wet, windy and long.

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