The True Story of Dad – Matt Byrne Media

The True Story of Dad – Matt Byrne Media

For those of us at the “Age of Reflection” listening to an account of a life well-lived does not fail to resonate. Some of us live more colourful or eventful lives than others but we all have a story to tell. Embedded within that story is the full range of our idiosyncratic behaviours, our likes and dislikes, our personal rituals, our sayings, our way of laughing. Everything that makes us who we are.

Matt Byrne remembers his Dad with obvious affection and recounts his observations during an “illustrated” biography, interspersed with musical references and a lifetime of “Dad jokes”.

It is a gentle and whimsical reminder of our own parents; places where we lived and played and went to school.

Aided by a table of memorabilia used as props, with his Dad’s favoured football team colours on prominent display, Matt delivers a monologue lasting about an hour.

Matt Byrne’s – The True Story of Dad
Matt Byrne Media
Norwood Concert Hall – Don Pyatt Hall
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Alan Shepley
Alan Shepley
Whilst at University and Adelaide Teachers College he performed with Adelaide Uni Footlights, Therry and Theatre Guild before being appointed to country teaching positions. Over 35 years he was involved with school and/or community theatre productions in all facets of getting a show on stage at Pt. Augusta, Kadina , Balaklava and Pt. Pirie.

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