THE PSYCHIC – Adelaide Repertory Theatre

THE PSYCHIC – Adelaide Repertory Theatre

June 2017


In the Australian premier of “The Psychic”, wonderfully directed by Erik Strauts, all the actors played their parts well. Josh van’t Padje was the boring nerdy writer Adam Webster, in love with Laura Benson, charmingly played by Anita Pipprell. The two gangsters – James Whitrow as a godfather clone Roy Benson, and James Black who cleverly and menacingly played Johnny Bubbles – were excellent! I thought that the shallow ditsy Rita was suitably over-acted by Jessica McGaffin. Malcolm Walton’s Detective fluffed a couple of lines, but I’m sure that will improve with the season.

“The Psychic” is a cleverly written hilarious murder mystery about a writer who pretends to be a psychic in order to write his next story. This twisting comedy, written by the talented Sam Bobrick, has plenty of laughs for the audience on opening night.

Patrick Beagan’s simple one room set was suitably dingy, with some great lighting effects by Richard Parkhill and quirky sounds by Brendan Taggart.

The funny lines and clever twists and turns of the plot make you wonder if there is a “play within a play”; and the ending is suitably unexpected!

Well worth going to see this performance – it’s a refreshing change after all the musicals we have had available lately in Adelaide!

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