THE MURDER ROOM -Venture Theatre Company

THE MURDER ROOM -Venture Theatre Company

Reviewed by Wendy Mildren


Venture Theatre has wowed us again.  This is a small group who operates on a shoestring budget, but manages to put on good community entertainment.

‘The Murder Room’ is a farce full of double entendres ,  missing corpses,  strange characters and mayhem.   The cast of six handled the fast paced script brilliantly, picking up cues with a speed that would impress even a professional group.   The costuming and hairstyles were very well done, and the first time director, Luke Wagner, is to be congratulated on his blocking and overall presentation.

Rebecca Pickard, who played the dastardly wife “Mavis Templeton-Hollister” was excellent, never missing a beat with her dialogue, in spite of some interesting sound effects, like phones ringing when off the hook, or ringing instead of gun shots.  For someone so young, Pickard showed a great deal of maturity and understanding of her role.

Colin Grace who played the dual role of “Edgar Hollister” and “Constable Abel Howard” was very good.  Lucy Marshallsay who played the ditzy daughter “Susan Hollister” was lovely, and Valerie Kelsey who played “Lottie Molloy” the nosy housekeeper played the part to the hilt.  Nathan Giaccio who played “Inspector James Crandall” and later turned out to be Mavis’ lover, was wooden as the Inspector and not believable as the lover.  Roger Crowder as the American fiancé of “Susan”, played his part adequately.

Overall the pace if the play was excellent and the first night audience loved it.  Well done Venture.

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