THE MOUSETRAP – Therry Dramatic Society

THE MOUSETRAP – Therry Dramatic Society

Review by Fran Edwards

The iconic play which has run for almost 60 years in the West End is, dare I say it, dated! A classic Agatha Christie plot with the usual twists and turns, but never designed to be a blockbuster. It became a legend by accident. Excellent production values, good performers with a touch of mystique added up to good audiences who kept coming, leading to a self-perpetuating phenomenon.

Therry's production has those values too! The production is well put together on a very good set, has good actors and has maintained the mystery created by the original producers. Quite a coup for Therry.

The era has been faithfully reproduced with very good attention to detail, Therry has lovingly paid homage to one of our theatrical institutions.

Lindy LeCornu is wonderfully nasty as Mrs Boyle, a strong performance. She is equalled by Oliver De Rohan as Christopher Wren, an enthusiastic and quirky guest at Monkswell Manor, a newly established isolated guest house. Alicia Zorkovic and Stephen Bills are convincing as Mollie and Giles Ralston the proprietors of said guest house. Zorkovic and Bills work well together and are suitably unsure of themselves and their guests.

The other patrons, Major Metcalf (Nigel Starck), Miss Casewell (Allison Scharber) have many good moments, providing strong support along with the red herrings and misdirections provided by the unexpected guest Mr Paravicini (Philip Lineton), who was, as always, intriguing. As Detective Sergeant Trotter, Lee Cook is intimidating and forthright.

Nick Spottiswoode's set and Denise Lovick's lighting, with the wonderful falling snow outside the window, create the right atmosphere for this all to work, and the suspense and many comings and goings are well handled by director Norman Caddick, who demonstrates his experience with his deft handling of this slightly mundane plot.

In all, a good night at the theatre with a good, solid production of a famous and well loved play by a renown author.

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Fran Edwards
Fran Edwards
Involved in theatre since the mid 70’s. Acting, directing, costume design, back stage and more recently reviewer. Fran has experience in most aspects of theatre and an interest in Youth Theatre. Fran was a former TASA president (12yrs) has been a reviewer for 14 years.

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