The Mister Misty Mystery – Venture Theatre

The Mister Misty Mystery – Venture Theatre

Venture Theatre have selected a well written comedy in Martin Clare’s The Mister Misty Mystery. Abbey’s brainwave intended to help her, and flatmate Jess out of their financial difficulties becomes more and more complex. Her carefully planned art heist seems foolproof until accomplices Susie and Eva become involved, as does the local police chief with surprising

Director Nicolle Smith keeps the action flowing and is successful in holding the attention of the audience with equal focus on the comedic and strategic aspects of the plot. She has assembled a cast of mostly familiar faces who work together well and complement each other’s strengths. All put in fine performances.  As flatmates Abbey and Jess, Lucy Marshallsay and Emma Kinlock are believable friends with well defined differences in attitudes and personality. They are joined in their scheming by the eccentric Susie, Kristy Mundy, who appears to have walked straight off the set of Absolutely Fabulous. Her outrageous attire and patronising manner are a delight. Lorren Garland benefits from the funniest lines as Little
Eva. She has the comic appearance of Edna from the Incredibles but is both ditzy and vulnerable making her very likeable. Kim Stewart returns to Venture after a hiatus, and does a fine job as the matronly Chief Hogarth. Luke Wagner is a commanding Detective Tomlinson, well supported by newcomer David Christie as Constable Simmons.

Mention must also be made of the hardworking members behind the scenes who have ensured costumes, set, sound and light are suitable, timely and effective.  This is a small community theatre where the work of many is done by a few and they do well. It is an
enjoyable evening’s entertainment and worthy of the support of the wider community.

The Mister Misty Mystery
Venture Theatre Company
Trinity Hall
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