Reviewed by Kerry Cooper


January 2016

The Little Mermaid is a delightful musical based on the book by Hans Christian Andersen and the 1989 animated feature of the same name. It follows the adventurous primary protagonist Ariel (a mermaid); daughter of King Triton as she dreams of a life above the sea. A love story with a twist, the plot focuses on Ariel and Prince Eric’s romance.
Adelaide Youth Theatre are never short of talent to cast their shows and this production is no different. In his directorial debut Thomas Phillips brings order and experience as he endeavours to showcase the talent of his enormous cast. A sublime soundtrack is impacted by Deborah Brennan as she directs a small but fine orchestra. Choreography by Shenayde Wilkinson-Sarti was energetic, though crowded at times and highlighted some wonderful dancers. The incredible array of costumes co-ordinated by Tash Fennell and Lisa Donovan added colour and depth and were visually stunning.
In the title role for this performance was Imala Konyn; her vocals were flawless and she demonstrated the wide-eyed innocence needed for her character. Prince Eric was brought to life by Connor Olsson-Jones, his portrayal was strong but like many others in the cast a few extra rehearsals concentrating on diction would be beneficial. Stand out vocals were delivered by Andrew Crispe as King Triton and Georgia Bolton as Ursula; with comic relief provided by the superb Benji Riggs as Sebastian, with support from Gemma Dandie as Flounder. 
This is a strong production that will only get better as the season progresses. 
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