The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – Tea Tree Players Youth

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – Tea Tree Players Youth

The Tea Tree Players Youth production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, one of my favourite classic children’s stories, started off slowly but finished with a roar. 

Minimal set design gave a good impact  – the backdrop of the White Castle on one side contrasted with the Black Castle – the goodies and the baddies, the evil and the good, which reflected the story. 

The most creative and best part was the colourful artistic face makeup. It set the fantasy theme and enhanced all the characters.


Kristyn Barnes and Rhi Shapcott ably co-directed their first amazing performance, with Penny Phillips as Production Manager, to create the magic of Narnia for us to enjoy.

Jimmy White’s characterisation of Mr Beaver was fantastic, with his posture pretending to be an elder with a sore back, and he kept the posture up the whole time. Also he added a bit of humour into the delivery of his lines. 

Max Shapcott was the White Witch, with her wicked cackle scattered throughout the play. 

Gaby Taylor convincingly played Lucy to portray an enthusiastic and excited character. 

Clinton Nitschke embodied the lion king Aslan, as a strong character with a great royal presence. The audience loved the way that he embraced his roar! I also enjoyed seeing his matching gold fingernail polish! 

We also appreciated the three woodland sprites who took away the props and set up furniture for the next bit of the action. 

There are too many other actors to mention individually, who came together as a team to accomplish an exciting fun performance. 

The costumes are also excellent, a credit to the costume creators, sewers and crew, Jo Allenby and her team.  

Mike Phillips’ sound and lighting effects, especially the storm, was very appropriate, although on Opening Night it was enhanced by the real storm outside!

Beth Venning and Kristyn Barnes supplied the numerous props – gold crowns, swords, shields and daggers. And the way the “stone table” was set up and the way it broke, was ingenious. 

The audience was a mixture of ages and demographics who all enjoyed the performance immensely. 

It’s limited to only four shows, so if you enjoy watching all the best bits of a classic tale acted by enthusiastic young people, book now and go out to Tea Tree Gully before it finishes on Saturday July17th 2021. Go see it !

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