THE LAST RESORT – Top of the Torrens Theatre Group

THE LAST RESORT – Top of the Torrens Theatre Group

Reviewed by Paul Davies

June 2015

Set in a retirement village, this is all things to all people. It’s a love story. It’s a Show show. It’s a sketch show, and it’s a series of one-liners. 

A show being put on is part of the ‘plot’ although really what we have here is a collection of old jokes and songs. But in the final analysis it’s as if the writer had to lever in a lot of disparate things, and was determined to do so. The result is like The Wiggles for grown-ups. I was half expecting someone to say “Let’s do the Show right here…” Worth remarking on here is the quality of the sound engineering. –First class.

The TOTTs have given us the epitome of gentle comedies, and furnished it with some real talent which deserved better material. Rob Lucas, Sue Hill and David Evans, Glynnis Burrows as two retired couples set the scene with suitable recitations from the amnesia joke book, and Meralyn Schaeffer and Marie Cassidy pop on and off stage from time-to-time with an old time comedy double act. 

The whole thing goes up a notch or two when Graham Todd hits his stride. Sharryn Yelland too shows excellent comic timing. Amy Schulz in a supporting role is proof that there are no small parts. –Thank goodness for her skill in the dance scenes. Kate Farrer as director and actor was obviously enjoying herself, as in fact was everyone, both on and off stage. –Although Neil Diamond’s Cracklin’ Rosie will never be the same again for me.

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