Reviewed by Janice Bailey

September 2014

I had never been to the Bakehouse Theatre, nor had I ever heard of Terry Pratchett. I now know Sir Terry is the author of 40 novels in the Discworld series, a fantasy world of mythological characters – wizards and witches, heroes etc.  This production of The Last Continent by the Unseen Theatre Company is an adaptation by Director, Pamela Munt.

The play was first presented by the Unseen Theatre Company  in 2009 and was voted by audience members to be reprised. The audience on opening night were clearly among those who voted. They had a great time.

Theatre is so much about the ‘suspension of disbelief’ in order to get the best from it, but as hard as this reviewer tried – I just didn’t connect with it!  However, I think that was the point of it!  As I was not truly invested I found myself watching the audience and their obvious positive reactions and allowing myself to be annoyed by what were essentially minor production ‘faults’ – eg a white face which wasn’t continued to the base of the neck and a kangaroo with a head and no attempt to disguise the hands and feet – a bit of makeup would have satisfied me!

The Last Continent provides many references to ‘The Land Down Under’ and many would appreciate it for this alone. Clearly a lot of hard work, time and effort have gone into this production by all concerned. You have until October 4 to go along and judge for yourself. ……and I’m not a Harry Potter fan either!

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