THE GINGERBREAD LADY – Galleon Theatre Group

THE GINGERBREAD LADY – Galleon Theatre Group

reviewed by Fran Edwards


You would be forgiven for thinking a Neil Simon play plus Galleon Theatre Group would equal a great production, but it doesn’t add up. At least on opening night it didn’t. All of the elements are there, a good set, backed up with good lighting, director Andrew Clark has picked a good cast who seem to suit their roles, but it didn’t spark.

Joanne St Clair is almost right as Evy the alcoholic just back from rehab, but she fails to elicit the sympathy that the character must engender, seeming a little flat. Carla Hardie fares better as the daughter Polly, bringing life to the stage whenever she enters. Aldo Longobardi is delightful as Jimmy, with just enough camp to make him vulnerable.

As the vivacious Toby, Rachel Burfield does a fine job, Luke Bugden is convincing as Lou, and Ben Todd‘s appearance as Manuel is fine, but overall it just didn’t gel and the laughs didn’t come in the way they should. The pace was a little slow, but it wasn’t just that, in fact I don’t know what it was.

When it settles, which it will, I think this production will pick up and I believe it will reach its potential, but on opening night it wasn’t there.

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