Reviewed by Paul Davies

September 2015

The Rep has it all; -almost! It has the best amateur theatre building in the state. It has it’s pick of the talent, both on and off stage. It has great volunteers who exude pride and professionalism in all that they do. It even has His Excellency the Governor of South Australia as patron. On the first night of The Cripple he was piped in. –Where else in the world?
Playing cripple is a boon to a good actor and Matt Houston plays Billy with pathos and without sentimentality. His delivery of his monologue surpassed the (intended) dire dialogue, and was well received. 
The whole cast are a solid bunch of Adelaide talent. Tracey Walker and Sue Wylie should do much more together. They’re a double act waiting to happen. Eleanor Boyd channelling Granny Clampett was exemplary. Both Boyd and John Leigh Gray are capable of stealing any scene they are in, but they are far too good to do that. 
For the rest of the cast. –Brilliant. Bravo. Characters, accents and motivations all nailed. Mary Rose Angley lights up the stage whenever she’s on.
So why “almost”? The problem for The Rep is what it has been for a long time. –Bums on seats. We all know it’s harder to drag an audience out for the night, but hard is not impossible. Given the value of all the hard work and talent that goes into these performances, both on and off stage, they deserve a bigger audience. So don’t just sit there – go see this excellent production.
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