The curtain rose to reveal a very attractive, comfortable 1980’s bachelor flat, with bright turquoise walls, gleaming white paintwork and classic David Bowie posters, and the prerequisite multitude of doors making it the perfect setting for this witty farce by Joan Greening.

Congratulations to Lacklan Blackwell on his debut as director.  The cast was engaging and enthusiastic and their comic timing was very good.  The two central characters were well played by Benjamin Forster (Michael Feather) and Russell Byrne (Richard Feather). Susie Daniels as Richard’s wife Marion Feather, and Hannah Dight (Julia), Hannah Doyle (Gloria), and Kristyn Barnes (Angela) as past, present and future girlfriends, all brought their individual style and glamour to the production.  The transformation of Rhi Shapcott’s dowdy persona Priscilla into a glamorous but gauche femme fatale was very funny.

Danni Fulcher (Elizabeth Feather) and Kieran Drost (Humbert Carpington) were excellent.  Danni in her first adult production played a 55 year old domineering mother most convincingly.  I had to check the program at interval to make sure I hadn’t missed the inclusion of a more mature age actor.  Kieran’s Humbert was hilarious and quite fascinating to watch.

Last but not least is Mike Phillips who wore several hats for this production –  a very creditable role as the hen pecked Henry Feather, plus co-director and set designer.

There were a few stumbles with lines but overall the pace and delivery was fast and very funny. 

I remember the eighties but I don’t remember it being quite as much fun as this!

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