The Cat’s Paw. Spotlight Thatre Company

The Cat’s Paw. Spotlight Thatre Company

Reviewed by RICHARD LANE

June 23 2012.

This production of Christine Croyden's "The Cat's Paw" has broken the mould of plays presented by Spotlight, normally only producing new plays not staged before.This play was given an airing by the Hoy Polloy Theatre in Melbourne, but at least it is new for Adelaide

The plot is a simple one about a middle-aged man Paul, hiring a private investigator Esther, to locate his wife.who has scarpered with her lover. Esther encourages Paul to visit Brigid, a prostitute, and he later discovers that Esther is the lesbian partner of Brigid. This leads him to becoming embroiled  in the life of Brigid and learning about prostitutes' disconnection from  "normal" society, and the huge risks that being "on the game" entails.

The action takes place in the sleazy St Kilda district, the main acting area being set squarely on the St Kilda tram track. Behind this, an ugly three metre scaffold is set , creaking noisily every time its permanent  heavenly occupant, the Angel moves.

As Paul, the confused husband who has become involved with the life of prostitute Brigid, Damien White occasionally looks the part, but spends too much time delivering his dialogue to the floor

Beau Anderson as Brigid looks gorgeous, but doesn't have a hard enough edge for a hooker.

Acting honours go to Joanna Webb with a  strong performance as Esther the manipulative private investigator cum pimp.

Anna Bampton as Monica, Shannon Gray as the Angel and Maxine Grubel as Abigail, all turn in tolerable performances in support.


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