The Addams Family – Green Wall Studio

The Addams Family – Green Wall Studio

The Green Wall Studio has hit the ground running with this, their very first production, The Addams Family. Many of us relate to this show which started from the book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice. The characters were created by Charles Addams and then developed with music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa.

The show started with Gomez Addams played by Jake Salter showing off his many talents particularly with his well defined and expressive singing voice. He was well supported by Louise McCullough, as Morticia Addams who not only sang and
danced throughout the show and ‘showed a leg’ but was also the Director and Choreographer.

Other Addams family members were the daughter Wednesday Addams played by Breigh Angove who carried the required sullen look to perfection. Her voice as a soloist and with the ensemble was memorable.

Jarrrod Matulick as Fester Addams almost stole the show with his enthusiasm and athleticism. His solo singing of ‘The Moon and Me’ left the audience with no doubt about his intentions to join with the moon. He was also the Musical Director.

Katherine Wicker as Grandma Addams was made up to be the old hag which she played with scary movements but then surprised with her clear and loud diction when singing.

Troy Pudney Jnr as Pugsley Addams and John Wicker as Lurch completed the Addams Family and played the parts as we would have expected from our memories of the TV show.

The Beinke Family with Andrew Broadbent as Mal, Chole Chigwidden as Alice and Jimmy Criste as Lucas all played their parts with the highlight being the performance of Chloe with all her inhibitions gone.

The nine performers of all ages making up ‘The Ancestors’ gave them the chance to show their singing and particularly their well-rehearsed dance routines. Some of this group have performed many times before and no doubt we will see them
again in possibly leading roles.

The make up on all the artists befitted the production and the cast and specialists (who were not named) are to be congratulated.

As a new company the only minor criticism was the break in continuity at times between speech and singing.

The technical side, headed by Jason McCullough, with the lights and sound backed up by the simple but effective sets augurs well for the future of the fledgling Green Wall Studio. Like some other companies the Production team also take on-stage roles which require an inordinate amount of work and commitment so congratulations to them. The venue is somewhat unique and gives the audience a good view, and the A/C worked well which was a treat. Front of house were welcoming and ensured the Covid conditions were met.

We look forward to their 2022 production of School of Rock.     

The Addams Family
Green Wall Studio
Green Wall Studio
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