The Addams Family young@part musical – Hills Youth Theatre

The Addams Family young@part musical – Hills Youth Theatre

It’s wonderful when you go out and see a theatre performance which transports you out of everyday life, with its enthusiasm, dark humour and fun. Hills Youth Theatre’s performance of “The Addams Family young @ part” musical did that for me and the full house (COVID style) family audience! 

Like all the young performers, I did not see The Addams Family on TV however, the main characters were well portrayed. 

Tobias Watson played Uncle Fester, and he sang two songs so we were treated twice to his lovely voice, and he gave lightness and laughter to his part.

Clair Grosser was an excellent drama queen as Morticia, and I enjoyed her rendition of “Just around the Corner”. Wednesday had a good voice, soft at times, and Lazuli Chittleborough gave us gave a convincing act of a crazy teenager in love! I was surprised by Jack Rawlinson’s deep voice at the end as Lurch finally burst into song! Nina Daniel was a very convincing Grandma, with a wonderful clear American accent. Alice put everyone, including her husband, in their place, with Ruby Cobiac’s powerful performance. There’s not enough space to mention all the great performances of the other main actors. 

I was again impressed by the organisation of about 70 people on and off the stage as “The Ancestors” frequently joined the action of the play – appearing from all parts of the theatre! Lighting, set design, costumes  Teams were very good. Props were amazing eg eight white parasols, and tree branches for trees in the park were a good touch of drama. 

Hayley Horton and Jethro Pidd did a superb job of directing the show, and again there’s not enough space to mention all the behind the scenes teams who made it all flow smoothly on Opening Night. 

This version of Addams Family is about Wednesday and her boyfriend Lucas, so it’s a different version of The Addams Family. With just a short trip to Stirling for a 90 minute performance, both adults and kids will love a school holiday treat!

The Addams Family
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