Summer of ’69 – Davine Productions

Summer of ’69 – Davine Productions

Everything about this show was amazing.  For someone who was born in the ’60s, although too young to have participated, I was still raised listening to the music of the era and every song chosen gave us a snapshot of the sensational 60’s redolent of vast world encompassing change and documented by the iconic music of the era.  A point in history when the beginnings of global human awareness started to explode.

This Cabaret Style performance gave a deceptively simple, unadorned format which delivered an evening of pure nostalgia.  Heaven on a plate for all Baby Boomers.  I must admit, that when 1965 flashed on the screen my inside voice gave a resounding Woo Hoo.

Musical direction by Peter Johns delivered an entirely appropriate sound made even more pertinent by the mellow tones of Woodwind and Saxophonist Daniel Burgess, Guitarist Dylan Rufus, Bass Joe Mueller and Drums Max Ziliotto.

The zestful performance of each of the cast was palpable and communicated instantly to an adoring audience.  A most evenly talented ensemble.  The audience were right there on stage with the ensemble pretty much from the word Go!

The in your face, body and soul girls chorus line rendition of “Walk Like A Man” (Gemma, Carl, Maya and Eloise) was a knockout start to the second part of the show.  “I Feel The Earth Move” closed out the show and it certainly did for every delighted member of the audience.  I know that the idea of theatre is to leave the audience wanting more, but seriously we really did want more!!!

TASA raises our glass to a certain sponsor’s excellent wine and toast yet another Gauci triumph.

Performances continue until Saturday and there are limited seats available.  Do not miss this production.

Summer of ’69
Davine Productions
Star Theatre – Theatre One
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Jacqui Wall
Jacqui Wall
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