What a relief to get out to see some live shows after months of restrictions due to Covid 19. While not sure what to expect from the
production of ‘STOP THE PRESSES ‘ by Scotch College at the end it could only be described as a musical extravaganza.

All the performances were from Broadway musicals that were clearly identified.

The opening numbers from ‘Come From Away’ was performed by the students from year 10 – 12 with the singing and choreography that set the audience’s feet tapping and set the high standard for the rest of the show. It would be unfair to pick out individual performers as the entire cast played and performed to perfection.

This was followed by year 7-9 students with music from ‘Matilda’. All the voices of the ensemble were outstanding supporting the dozen soloist intertwined when singing School Song. At times it was difficult to identify who was singing the solos due to the size of the cast and enormity of the stage. It would have added something if the soloists could have been identified with a spotlight even though they may have had only ten seconds each.

‘Sister Act’ with mostly year 8-11 girls highlighted the range and harmony of these girls.

It was the boys’ turn to show their abilities with the last performance of Act 1 performing and singing the songs from ‘Newsies’ Act 2 featured songs from ‘Wicked’, ‘Billy Elliot’, ‘Hamilton’ and then the Finale.

Sophia Thompson as Elphaba in ‘Wicked’ was a stand out with the range and clarity of her voice.

Lucas Nunn as Billy in ‘Billy Elliot’ had a microphone malfunction which he ignored and continued on like a true professional. The entire cast in the finale earned the standing ovation that they received.

The physicality and gymnastics of the cast added to the amazing choreography and direction of Nina Richards. All the voices were a
tribute to Antony Hubmayer the producer and music director. Both were ably assisted by Mark Stefanoff.

The music at times when the younger performers were singing was a little loud and tended to overcome the voices, particularly the soloists.

The set, consisting of moving projections, was most effective considering the size of the stage. The backstage crew moving sets ensured the continuity of the show which flowed with precision. The lighting effects added weight to each scene. Costumes particularly in ‘Hamilton’ were outstanding.

If you want to be entertained and can get a ticket, this show is highly recommended to anyone that enjoys quality musicals.

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Scotch College Adelaide
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