Review by Janice Bailey

September 2016

‘Snakes and Ladders’, currently playing at The Studio, Holden St Theatres is advertised as ‘a morals game’ – the story is not as straightforward as ‘good climbs the ladders’ and ‘bad slips down the snakes’ – perhaps a euphanism for ‘nothing is quite as it may seem’. Two sisters, Emily and Charlie, are retired and sharing the family home. Charlie’s daughter, Beth arrives, having left her husband. What ensues are family secrets and lies which have been hidden for years. 
Director and writer, Tony Moore, has contributed 50 years to theatre and this play has been revamped because, in his words, ‘there are too few scripts just for women’. He has assembled a fine cast of very talented women – Joanna 
Webb as Charlie, Maxine Grubel as Emily and Shannon Gray as Beth, who are all effective in telling their story.
The set, cleverly designed by Shannon Norfolk, is a living room which uses stacks of books to create chairs. It is unique and original and immediately grabs the attention of the audience. Technician, Nick Moore, has created an ambience which allows the plot to flow without distraction.
This is a fascinating and interesting play, well-performed by the three women – leaving the audience wondering how many secrets in their own lives might one day surface and have to be dealt with. 
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