SMALL GODS – Unseen Theatre Company

SMALL GODS – Unseen Theatre Company

Reviewed by Paul Davies

May 2015

The Unseen Theatre Company leap fearless into the adaptation of a much loved novel by a much loved author. And as we know it’s not for the first time. In fact it’s for the twenty-eighth time, so they must be getting something right.

Thing is, they’re getting lots of things right. Staging, lighting, sound, acting, directing. Even the venue, to which this was my first visit, is suitably quirky.  

Adapted, Directed and Produced by Pamela Munt who has found an unusual place for a comfort zone and is patently a proper Pratchett fan, unable, I would suggest, to resist a little part for herself

The whole is a marvellous ensemble production, with great individual performances. Alycia Rabig warms into her role as Om as the play progresses. I believed. Adeodatus McCormack is your man if ever you need a smug, supercilious expression in an actor. (but you can come out of character for the bow Ade!) Harold Roberts commands attention with shades of Paul Hogan. And Timothy Tedmanson, seldom off stage in this show, shows himself an acting force to be reckoned with. -Definitely one to watch. And Philip Lineton shows the young upstarts how this acting malarkey should be done. 

We’re lucky to have the likes of Pamela and her band of Merry Geeks in Adelaide, in the quirky world of theatre they are the uber-quirky, but the whole is done with love, and it shows. 

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