Shrek the Musical Junior – Adelaide Youth Theatre

Shrek the Musical Junior – Adelaide Youth Theatre

It’s a pity there were only four performances of Shrek the Musical Junior by Adelaide Youth Theatre. The enthusiasm of the cast members was infectious, and the mixed audience, made up of lots of kids (as well as adults without children), riotously cheered and applauded all the way through the performance.

I saw the “Waffles” cast on Saturday night.

Henry Tran as Shrek started out a bit quiet in his first song, but quickly got into his booming ogre self and carried the show along with gentle giant aplomb.

The three Fionas all had beautiful voices: Jasper Darwent, Hannah Jones and Charlotte Lawrence.

Donkey’s humorous antics were whimsically created by Zoey Velianofski.

I loved Claudia Heys’ dragon costume and her self-assured characterisation of it.

Cobain Bradley provided a fun representation of the ambitious Farquaad.

Set, props, design and construction by Tuan Tran were beautiful, clever and very creative. I loved the changing clouds and moving, turning periaktoi squares which changed a part of the set that were cleverly used often.

The sound was a bit patchy at times, however with so many performers, it was a great job by Jackson Price and Toby Riggs.

The lighting designed by Matt Ralph was often creativity green, and atmospheric

May Tran’s costumes were colourful and appropriate.

Taylor Tran’s choreography was light and fun, which enhanced the production.

There were too many other good performances from the fairytale characters, singers and dancers to list individually. Well done by all!

Last but not least, the production team made it a great show – the Director Jethro Pidd and Musical Director Serena Cann.

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