SHE LOVES ME – Therry Dramatic Society

SHE LOVES ME – Therry Dramatic Society

Reviewed by Richard Lane

June 2014

Famous for Fiddler On The Roof, Sheldon Harnick(lyrics) and Jerry Bock(music)  collaborated with Joe Masteroff to bring us  She Loves Me,  a  1963 musical based on a play by Hungarian playwright Miklos Laszlo.

Georg Nowak(James Reed) and Amalia Balash,(Lauren Potter) employees of Mr Maraczek’s Parfumerie, are always arguing. However they are both unaware that each is the secret -pen pal of the other, corresponding through a lonely hearts’ club. We know  from the outset that love will find its way, which of course it does.

She Loves Me is not crammed with big spectacular chorus numbers,  instead  being a little more old fashioned and intimate, with most numbers being solos.

This version by Therry Dramatic Society  in the capable hands of Director Patsy Thomas,  Musical Director Martin Cheney and  Chorographer Madeline Edwards, is  engaging, colourful and slick.

Ms Thomas has gathered a clever and talented cast who  act, sing and dance with skill.   The pace is for the most part fine,  but  due to its  long credentials ,it is felt some of the numbers  could perhaps been gingered up with a little quicker tempo.

Mr Cheney’s orchestra worked hard and well but with occasional discordance.

Madeline Edward’s choreography was innovative and Gilian Cordell’s costumes were true to the  1930’s period.

As the two romantic leads James and Lauren sang well, although James’s speaking diction was not always clear. John Green (Mr Maraczek) with his powerful baritone voice and Sarah Nagy ( Ilona Ritter)  were admirable in their roles, as  was   Buddy Dawson as Kodaly. Mention must be made of the cameo role played  superbly by Andrew Crayford as the  bumbling Jacques Tati head waiter and Mitchell Smith, an engaging and cheeky Arpad Laszlo.  

 Norman Caddick’s  and Patsy Thomas’ set designs were  and stylish   and  were changed quickly. 

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